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Dr. Lynda Tortoriello and Amy Mills created  Milltor's Leaf to provide your Pet with all-natural, human-grade health and wellness products, using "People Science for Pets."

For years, doctors have formulated their own clinically proven products used in daily practice, then refined the ingredients and offered them for general distribution without a prescription. Milltor’s Leaf believes your Pet should have that same opportunity.

CBD products, widely used in human medicine, have been demonstrated as beneficial in various veterinary conditions ranging from orthopedic and muscular discomfort to alleviating anxiety, fear, and aggression.

Dr. Lynda Tortoriello, a practicing Veterinarian in the New York metropolitan area for over 30 years, has experienced firsthand the positive effects CBD products have exhibited in her daily practice. With the incorporation of hemp extract into simple proven medical treatments, “Dr. T” has witnessed the enhanced positive outcome for her patients.

Amy Mills is a graduate of The Nash Academy of Dog Grooming and former proprietor of “For Pet's Sake,” a Manhattan boarding, grooming, and daycare center.


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