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Dog owners or parents as many of them prefer to be called, love researching new options for caring for their favorite furry family members. Every day, there are new products and options being implemented that improve the care of dogs, or simply makes their life a little bit more enjoyable. These products include new toys, new types of food, options for cleaning and grooming and more.

By implementing some of these new options, pet owners have seen their animals living longer, having more energy and also enjoying more time with the family. While every household and animal are different, pets will tend to fall into a routine with the rest of the family, especially when it comes to daily responsibilities like going to work or school.

Dog Owners Are Trying New Things

One of the reasons dog owners are constantly looking for new ways to care for their pets is because these animals are going through more stress and responsibility than in the past. These animals experience stress and anxiety, the same as we do. However, for them, managing that stress can be far more challenging. In order to address new matters, owners are utilizing new tricks that are available to them.

New Trends You May Want To Research

Some of these trends can be utilized for a variety of things including treating anxiety, helping with the transition of going back to work or moving to a new city and more. You can also compare options when you research online to see which ones are best based on your dog’s breed and age.

  1. Home voice options: There are options available that allow you to call your house and speak to your dogs. Obviously, they may not answer back but your voice can be heard throughout the house or in any specific areas they stay in while you are not home. These voice options allow you to comfort the dog throughout the day and perhaps tell them not to do something if they are up to no good.
  2. CBD use: You’ve heard about CBD use for pets and why so many people are considering trying it. The one thing people share from the experience is that they do feel that the products are safe for their animals and whether they see a small or drastic difference, the options are safe for their pets.
  3. Dinner treats: How is the behavior of your dog when you are eating? More than likely they never let you get a bite in without reminding you that they want something too. Now they can have it. Because dogs tend to eat earlier than people, there are bones, toys and other products that can occupy them while you are eating. Because of how they are designed, these items will distract your dog and keep them focused even when some of their favorite foods are on the table.
  4. Calming blankets: Another popular product that’s being used to treat anxiety in pets are the calming blankets. These started as a popular option for pets during thunderstorms and have expanded for more frequent use.
  5. Longer walks: If you are walking your dog each day, consider trying to increase the walk a little longer. Dog owners have seen their distance and time walking drop throughout the year as their schedules get busier. However, longer walks are not only good for the dog owner, but the dog as well.

Monitor the changes you notice when you implement a new product or routine into the mix. Consider researching different options based on the age of your dog and always check if there are limits on how many of these new options you want to give your dog to start. Consulting your veterinarian may also be a smart move if you are unsure of anything.

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